Life & Health Insurance
for Military Employees

Rethinking UX/UI and source code optimization


We started from new design and architecture that will replace the old website and outdated codebase.

Military Benefit Association is designed for military employees to get know and take advantage of the life and health insurance and for insurance agencies to easily manage agents, insurance contracts and payments.


Creating a greate thing

Creating a greate thing

To engage military people to take advantage of the life and health insurance client wanted to give site new look and information. Next request was to provide military employees ability to fill online insurance forms and collect that information in a more efficient and organized way.

Insurance business requires a lot of specific management tools, for example, agencies supervision and payments. We have built a personalized Website for clients and Admin UI for the agencies and agents and filled it with functionality that the Client requested:

  • • collecting information from online insurance forms,
  • • managing marketing pages,
  • • processing and managing payments,
  • • administering insurance forms and data,
  • • calculating commissions,
  • • managing clients and agents,
  • • overseeing agencies and agents,
  • • gathering analytics,
  • • preparing various reports,
  • • being mobile.

Main application flows

Insurance information
Insurance information

Garder all the benefits about the available Military Benefits and Health Insurance. See news and join community. Communicate with support to find the best fit for you and your family.
Insurance forms

Apply for insurance online and save your time. Select your plan and fill the form. All the data will be sent to the Insurance Agent.
Insurance forms
Personal cabinet
Personal cabinet

Sign up to get the access to personal account, financial tools and track your insurances and payments online.
Mobile app with access to the account details

Be mobile. Mobile app gives access the personal data and ability to pay online and use financial tools
Mobile app with access to the account details
Analyze form data
Analyze form data

Admins can manage members, applications, events, payments and other gathered data from Admin UI.
Agent and agencies supervision

Agency and agent statistic allows you to effectively supervision your employees, calculate commissions and use specific agent tools and resources.
Agent and agencies supervision

A single system for Insurance Agents and Military Members

Former website and management system were totally rebuilt based on the new requirements.

New Admin UI allows to manage and organize members and insurance applications in a much more effective way.

Reporting feature allows to easily calculate commission distribution between an Agent and the Agency.

Integrated payment processor and personal account allow users to monitor and pay their insurance in the most flexible way – either from home or on-the-go by using the mobile application.

New SEO friendly website and online forms give more leads for the company.

In conclusion, by improving the main business flows we drastically increased the turnover of the client`s company.

A single system for Insurance Agents and Military Members

Our technology stack

We understand the challenges our clients face when working on industry transformation projects. We provide practical & powerful technologies for addressing those challenges.


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