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VisitBreck is designed for complex property management companies with blended rental inventory, multiple businesses, and properties that want their day-to-day operations to run smoothly.

We started with a third-party service integration that gave us the list of available properties in Colorado.


Solution implementation

Solution implementation

In order for their rental business to thrive, besides making reservations online, they needed a new way to process and show the collected data to the end user.

Rental business requires a lot of specific management tools, for example, property overseeing and task tracking. We have built a personalized Admin UI for the property managers and filled it with functionality that the Client requested:

  • • managing bookings and payments,
  • • managing check-ins,
  • • scheduling cleanings,
  • • overviewing cleaning inspections,
  • • managing inventory,
  • • managing users.
  • • overseeing work orders,
  • • administering checklists,
  • • monitoring time logs,
  • • preparing various reports,
  • • gathering analytics,
  • • regulating list of properties and their availability status.

Main application flows

BR-aqua-pm reservation managing. How does it look  and what the PM can do?
BR-aqua-pm reservation managing. How does it look and what the PM can do?

And the most important part of the User Flow is property booking process. We have made it as simple for the user as possible, yet incredibly flexible and secure.
We also implemented cart abandonment tracking system that allowed our Client to increase overall profits by reminding users to finish the reservation.
Properties search

One of the most important steps for planning a vacation is searching for lodging opportunities. For a better user experience we provided our guests with a flexible filter and three different formats for viewing the available housings: list, map and split view.
Each property contains a brief description and the pricing.
Properties search
Property booking, all checkout steps.  (Bronto card abandonment)
Property booking, all checkout steps. (Bronto card abandonment)

This feature brings listings to life with immersive experiences and a completely unique sense of the property. Virtual Tour is an online experience for lodgers to move through a property and see it from any angle.
This kind of tour more completely immerses visitors so they can create an emotional connection, and therefore increase the probability of using the services.

A single system for all

We have built a personalized Admin panel for the Property Managers which allows them to operate properties, organize cleaning schedules, inspections, work orders and make sure that all business flows
are on point.

The main activity of Property Managers are dedicated to overseeing each lodging, work on restoration/renovation and, sending reports to property owners.

The reporting feature allows to easily track the property status and financial credibility.

We have developed several WordPress websites that are connected to a single booking engine. This allows our client to manage all reservations in one place.

In conclusion, we made sure that the admin panel covers all business flows operated by the client and does it flawlessly.

A single system  for all

Project technology stack

We understand the challenges our clients face when working on industry transformation projects. We provide practical & powerful technologies for addressing those challenges.


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