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Understanding the demand


For thousands of years, humanity has been dependent on weather conditions. Despite the fact that today`s technology evolves rapidly, people still need to reckon with weather conditions. The original idea was to create a simple website that allows people to find out the weather from all over the world.


Finding the solution

Finding the solution

Weather conditions are not limited only to temperature/precipitation levels. One of the main technical challenges was to collect data from various third-party vendors and represent it in a collectible user-friendly format.

AERIS – one of the solutions we integrated – is a weather API that provides access to many different types of weather information. For example, weather maps allow user to view a map with a custom set of filters that show weather data: precipitation, snow depths, temperature, winds, clouds, earthquakes, fires, storm cells, and others. Users can choose a set of active filters and adjust the opacity for each filter.

The stated requirements for the file upload functionality were quite unique, so we developed a custom solution from scratch to satisfy the client`s needs.


Main website features

Weather Maps. How do they look and what users can do?
Weather Maps. How do they look and what users can do?

There are many aspects of weather to consider and for each user they are different. Some would like to know the temperature levels, and some want to be alerted about possible severe weather confitions in the area. For these reasons we have added a several weather maps with different default configurations. Each weather map can be futher adjusted to the user`s needs by switching on or off map layers. To implement such a feature we used AerisWeather Mapping Platform.
What is the best way to show forecast data?

In raw form the forecast data is not quite appealing to a human eye. To make it as such we analyzed the user`s needs and prepared a nice-looking design for a forecast widget. The widget has several tabs with unique layouts that show data on weather forecast for 36 hours, 5 days ahead or an hourly situaton for today. It describes sky condition, humidity, wind, pressure, possibility of precupation and temperature with ability to jump between celsius and fahrenheit scales.
What is the best way to show forecast data?
System for media upload and verification. What is so special about it?
System for media upload and verification. What is so special about it?

The users can upload their own photos or videos on WeatheNation website. After the upload these images need to go through moderator verification process, we have provided website admins with embedded tools that allow to moderate media that is getting shown on the website. Moreover, for each image/video admin can set a specific timeframe. If current date is within this timerame - the image/video will be visible, otherwise it remains hidden. This feature allows separating images accordingly to the season they were taken.

A well-designed responsive load-balanced website

We have developed a website that has a mobile version – this way the users can check up on weather on the go.

AWS Load Balancing helps to optimize the performance of the website. Due to the high traffic autoscaling is quite an important matter.

Weather widgets show the metrology data in a user-friendly format, website visitors can adjust the widgets to their preferences.

We continue to work on the SEO for the website, as for now the WeatherNation website has 300+ thousand visitors per month and we are not stopping ourselves on this number.

A well-designed responsive load-balanced website

Project technology stack

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